HR Inside Out – Guest Alistair Moes on Anger Management

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The pain, sadness, hurt, fear, anxiety, shame, and often trauma, are what leads someone to react disproportionately to events. It is only when this is examined, with compassion and deep respect, that a person can alter their response to the triggers in their life and learn to relate to the emotional reactions that have led them astray.

Interested in learning more about the impact of shame and the inner critic, of the toxic shame spiral and our shadow, and of the negative impact that unexpressed anger can have on our health? In this podcast host Susan Ney and her guest Alister Moes explore the importance of anger management.

Alistair Moes and his team at Moose Anger Management have been humbled and inspired by the many people who have taken up the courage to take on this type of investigation.

Hope you decide to join us!

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