Furkhan Dandia, MACP, P.ENG, PMP, MBA

Furkhan has a background in engineering and business. After life-changing situations, such as becoming a father and going through a divorce, Furkhan started to dive deep into his purpose in life and make a difference in people’s lives. Going through a divorce made Furkhan realize how much shame there is for men around failure. That further motivated Furkhan to help other men like himself. After seeing the life-changing benefits of therapy, Furkhan decided to pursue a degree in psychology to become a therapist.  In addition to becoming a therapist, Furkhan has a podcast: EZ Conversations, a men’s coaching practice and a men’s group that he facilitates to help men embrace their vulnerabilities.

Furkhan is passionate about working with people to address childhood incidents and trauma. He believes that our childhood experiences shape our behaviours, patterns and beliefs, ultimately influencing our perspectives of the world around us, our relationships and how we view ourselves. Often these behaviours, patterns and beliefs are manifested subconsciously, and we are not aware of our role in shaping our lives. The narrative then becomes that life is happening to us. Furkhan’s objective is to help people become more aware of these subconscious actions and dive deeper into the source of these behaviours, patterns and beliefs. Furkhan truly believes we can all live with purpose and work toward our best selves once we have healed the past.

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