Anger can burn, or anger can illuminate

Despite the negative experiences that many people have with anger, we believe that anger can also be constructive and lead to insight. We recognize that it takes a lot of courage to seek help. But those who bring motivation, put in the effort, and commit to creating change, experience life-changing results. We have seen it thousands of times!

Take charge of what you do with your anger.

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Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger provides a solid foundation of understanding around anger, followed by a wide selection of tools— proven effective by the participants who have attended our Anger Management programs.

Join our Men’s Anger Management Group

Group counselling provides a supportive environment where people are treated with respect and dignity, along with the opportunity to transform anger into maturity and growth. Participants will expand their understanding of themselves and deepen their ability to work with the challenges they face.

Work with us One-on-One

We have a team of counsellors who offer couples, family, and individual counselling for men, women, and teenagers. These sessions are flexible and can be more responsive to your specific situation, making time for you to explore your needs and learn new ways of relating to anger, to yourself and to the people in your life.

Is Your Partner’s Angry Behavior Affecting Your Relationship?

The best results we see are when both partners explore how their anger moves within the relationship. This happens when both partners attend groups and do their own work. If you want to support your relationship, join one of our Healing Anger Groups for Women and explore how anger is impacting your relationship from both sides.

Videos & Articles

Alistair Moes Shares His Profound Journey Of Emotional Healing And Transformation

Join us on this episode with Addiction To Freedom, hosted by Michael Gregory. In this episode, we talked a lot about the importance of anger and noticing what’s going on in the body, as the intelligence of the body is a rich source of feedback.

Managing Anger and Normalizing Conversations about Anger

Alistair joins EZ Conversations to talk about normalizing conversations about anger, learning from our experiences, and how to regulate our reactions when we are feeling anger. Alistair also shares how he has noticed a shift in how men show up for therapy and the things they are wanting to talk about. While we have come […]

Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger with Alistair Moes

Join Tasha Simms as she takes a conscious exploration of the topic of anger with Alistair Moes, the founder of Moose Anger Management. Anger isn’t a good or bad thing, but as with any emotion, we can do something good or bad with it. In this Conscious Living Radio episode, we will discuss the many things that exist behind people’s anger, such as pain, fear, shame, loss, sadness, and anxiety.

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