Anger can burn, or anger can illuminate

Despite the negative experiences that many people have with anger, we know that it can also be constructive and lead to insight. We recognize that it takes a lot of courage to seek help, but those who bring motivation, put in the effort, and commit to creating change, experience life-changing results. Our highly skilled team of therapists have seen it thousands of times! Make the call or text us to get started today: 604-723-5134

Take charge of what you do with your anger.

The book “Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger” can help you take control of your anger so it doesn’t control.

It will help you understand your anger and other people’s anger, and give you tools to manage it. These tools have helped thousands of people in our Anger Management programs and counselling sessions.

Join our Life-Changing Men’s Anger Management Group

Group counselling provides a supportive environment where people are treated with respect and dignity, along with the opportunity to transform anger and anxiety into maturity and growth. Participants will expand their understanding of themselves and deepen their ability to work with the challenges they face.

Work in person or online with one of our Highly Skilled Therapists

We have a team of counsellors who offer couples, family, and individual counselling for men, women, and teenagers. These sessions are flexible and can be more responsive to your specific situation, making time for you to explore your needs including healthy and healing ways of relating to anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, divorce, parenting, and much more.

Are you missing out on a community of people who understand where you’re at?

Join My Online Men’s Group.

Join a group of men working on becoming more intentional and less reactive. Connect with others who are courageously taking steps to understand and manage their anger, transforming its impact into creating meaningful and dignified relationships.

Start for FREE: with a 4-week free trial and continue for just $10/month, with no long-term commitment required.

Why Join?

Supportive Network: Hear from and connect with men on a similar journey.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from twice-monthly, one-hour Zoom calls led by Alistair, the founder of Moose Anger Management.

Personal Growth: Take charge of your anger and channel that energy into positive change in your life and relationships.

Join us today and be part of a community dedicated to intentional living and emotional growth.

Is Your Partner’s Angry Behavior Affecting Your Relationship?

The best results we see are when both partners explore how their anger moves within the relationship. This happens when both partners attend groups and do their own work. If you want to support your relationship, join one of our Healing Anger Groups for Women and explore how anger is impacting your relationship from both sides.

Videos & Articles

Masterful Parenting with Anne Alvares | Episode 21 Alistair Moes on Anger Management

Alistair has run Moose Anger Management since 1995, and been in the counselling field since 1989. He leads a team of anger management therapists which include his partner in life and work, and co-owner, Alejandra Proaño, MPsy, MSc, MLit, RCC. This experience includes working with anger and trauma, and historic abuse in a manner that […]

Anger as a Teacher | Anger as an Agent to Prevent Intergenerational Trauma in the Family. Alejandra Proaño

Master the Art of Parenting Your Sensitive Child Summit October 2023 How often do you let yourself be angry, sad, and experience those not so pretty emotions? I hope as often as you need. Like other animals, our nervous systems need to release these experiences so they don’t become trapped… bottling up into overwhelm or […]

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Alistair talks at Youth Mental Health Day put together by Foundation for a Path Forward. Website – Facebook – Instagram – On August 12, 2023, Foundation For A Path Forward, along with its partner organizations, gathered at Simon Fraser University – Surrey Campus to celebrate International Youth Day 2023. Under the overarching […]

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GShyamal Rghosh
Alistair is a very good teacher and I learned valuable skill from his training. Surely I would recommend his training.
Manpreet Singh
Great experience
Jon McDowall
Absolutely wonderful experience. Tara Baty is an incredibly personable therapist who comes across as truly genuine. I loved every minute and she has helped me greatly.
Lazy Bear
Well structured. Non-judgemental. Uplifting. Encouraging. Absolutely worth your time. Positive change is within your reach.
Stacks 358
Durwin just rocks . I have such a better in site about self awareness in situations that use to baffle me , lead me to make decisions that show empathy while not leaving myself vulnerable to others to take advantage of a apology as a weakness.
Daylan Rosella
Great experience.was abit sceptical at first. After the first session. I noticed a big change in my thought process. It is working great. I’m happy I took this program
Roland Rihela
I came to Alistair Moes when I was in deep trouble and I decided to do something about it. Joining Alistair's angerman group was a big help and I connected with all of the guys. It helped me. And I would recommend it to anyone with an anger problem. Alistair has a unique perspective - he's been there. He recommended some reading to us and I really enjoyed Robert Augustus Master's book -'Bringing Your Shadow out of the Dark'. We all have an inner child and he/she needs to be heard.

Join The Team

We’re always looking for amazing therapists to join our team here at Moose Anger Management. If you have a Registered Clinical Counsellor designation (RCC) and you have at least three years of experience in mental health we want to hear from you. Email us with your resume at


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