Anger can burn, or anger can illuminate

Despite the negative experiences that many people have with anger, we know that it can also be constructive and lead to insight. We recognize that it takes a lot of courage to seek help, but those who bring motivation, put in the effort, and commit to creating change, experience life-changing results. Our highly skilled team of therapists have seen it thousands of times! Make the call or text us to get started today: 604-723-5134

Take charge of what you do with your anger.

Read the book: Lose Your Temper. Take charge of your anger, so that it doesn’t take charge of you any more.

Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger will lead you on a profound journey of understanding your and others’ anger, followed by all of the tools— proven effective by the thousands of participants who have and continue to attend our cutting edge Anger Management programs and counselling.

Join our Life-Changing Men’s Anger Management Group

Group counselling provides a supportive environment where people are treated with respect and dignity, along with the opportunity to transform anger and anxiety into maturity and growth. Participants will expand their understanding of themselves and deepen their ability to work with the challenges they face.

Work in person or online with one of our Highly Skilled Therapists

We have a team of counsellors who offer couples, family, and individual counselling for men, women, and teenagers. These sessions are flexible and can be more responsive to your specific situation, making time for you to explore your needs including healthy and healing ways of relating to anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, divorce, parenting, and much more.

Is Your Partner’s Angry Behavior Affecting Your Relationship?

The best results we see are when both partners explore how their anger moves within the relationship. This happens when both partners attend groups and do their own work. If you want to support your relationship, join one of our Healing Anger Groups for Women and explore how anger is impacting your relationship from both sides.

Videos & Articles

Video series for Champions Cinema – Mental Wellness – Alejandra Proaño from Healing Anger

It was a pleasure working with Champions Cinema and Frog Systems, based in the U.K. We worked on a 10 part mini series answering some questions about anger. Can anger be managed or is there a cure? Why do women often feel like they have to conceal their anger?, and What leads women in particular […]

Exploring Anger For Dads, with Dad Work

In this episode we go deep talking about how anger can serve us, how to become more intentional and less reactive, the physiological consequences of anger, and much more.   To listen to the podcast episode click here.

Alistair Moes Shares His Profound Journey Of Emotional Healing And Transformation

Join us on this episode with Addiction To Freedom, hosted by Michael Gregory. In this episode, we talked a lot about the importance of anger and noticing what’s going on in the body, as the intelligence of the body is a rich source of feedback.

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Fabio Bartolomeo
Paul Mittal
Very well facilitated and organized around Moose Anger Mgmt book. Combination of text, “lecture”, discussion, and homework were a very effective way of fully engaging us participants both individually and as a group. Very thankful to find out that I am not alone in my struggles with anger management and that there is a process to work thru to start to get a handle on it. The program and sessions were great! THANK YOU!
Andrey Zaykovskiy
nicole michelle
Alejandra is amazing. I was initially a bit nervous to book given the rate, but it’s absolutely worth it! The progress made in one session would take many many others with a less skilled clinician. Highly recommend!
Brian Ngo
The 6-week session has been very helpful for me to learn more about myself and to structure a plan going forward. The other members of the group have made the learning process much more effective. I would highly recommend this course.
Roland Rihela
I came to Alistair Moes when I was in deep trouble and I decided to do something about it. It was not an easy decision but I had a 47 year marriage that was headed for the rocks because of my anger issue and my violence. Joining Alistair's angerman group was a big help and I connected with all of the guys. It helped me. And I would recommend it to anyone with an anger problem. Alistair has a unique perspective - he's been there. He recommended some reading to us and I really enjoyed Robert Augustus Master's book -'Bringing Your Shadow out of the Dark'. We all have an inner child and he/she needs to be heard. My wife took the women's course - Healing Anger with Alejandra Proano at the same time. We are now back together and healing together.
Zak Chesla
A great course that helps provide the necessary tools to help manage your anger. Looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice.
Robert Greg
The person I went into this class as and the person I came out as are very different. I think most people find this class when they are at their lowest point and it really helps guide you away from falling into the same traps of toxic anger manifesting. Although I ended the class with more questions about my mental health than I went in, I left a vulnerable person. Something, I had never been brave enough to do. I conflated aggression with assertiveness and this class and the other gentlemen in it were all so helpful in making me realize what healthy responses look like and how to properly feel pain so as to deal with it. Cannot recommend more highly, even over zoom it was amazing.

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