Many new fathers and mothers struggle with the myriad emotions and unexpected events that occur when stepping into a parenting role. This is true for stepparents as well as blended families. There is a lot of complexity when you add a new person to your family, especially a newborn. Our work includes working as a parent with “children of any age”, since parenting continues for a lifetime. 

Parenting Counselling may be helpful for you if you notice any of the following:

  • Too irritable with your child
  • Feelings of rage
  • Too anxious – not knowing what to do and freezing up due to this
  • Blaming your child
  • Blaming your partner
  • Over-reacting to your child making mistakes
  • Overly protective – overly worried about your child getting hurt/dying
  • Unreasonably emotional about things
  • Keeping your concerns to yourself with no one to talk with that you trust
  • Would benefit from a person who has experience parenting but isn’t family, won’t judge you.

Often, our default is to parent exactly the way we were parented, and although some of that may be great, your values and parenting goals may differ from your parents. Some of us really want to ensure that we do things differently than our parents did. This can sometimes mean that people do the opposite, and go from extremely strict, to extremely permissive. What we work on with parents is stepping outside the pressures or default structures from the past and connecting with your core values today, so that your parenting is driven by what really matters to you. This can involve becoming more in tune with your default, not shaming you for it, but curiously exploring how it influences you today. The more self-aware your parenting becomes the more intentional, loving, and effective you can be today. Your child(ren) will thank you for this.   

Intentional parenting includes being more aware of how our own nervous system, emotions, and anxieties influence how we parent. Working with us can assist you to become more intune with yourself, so that you can become more deeply connected and in tune with those you are parenting.

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