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Alistair and his partner, Alejandra, lead an incredible team of therapists at Moose Anger Management/Healing Anger. He is an International Anger Management Expert and Author who has worked professionally since 1989 and as an anger management specialist in private practice since 1995. Alistair has worked with those with enormous challenges in the world: high-performance business leaders, gold medal-winning Olympic and professional athletes, and homeless people. Anger is an equal opportunity emotion. Alistair has developed a respectful, solution-focused manner that is based on both academic theory and extensive experience. During the last twenty-eight years, he has worked with thousands of people who have made the call out of a desire to create change. Although he has facilitated court-ordered men, he now works exclusively with self-referred clients, including those sent from the workplace or strongly encouraged by a partner or, sometimes, a lawyer.

Alistair’s approach focuses on the gifts and potential of each person. In this manner, “the good” present in an individual is attended to, as are the challenges that each person faces. He also has extensive experience working with what is behind a person’s anger: pain, sadness, hurt, fear, anxiety, shame, and the trauma that lead someone to react disproportionately. Only when this is examined, with curiosity, compassion and deep respect, can a person alter their response to the triggers. Alistair has been humbled and inspired by the many people who have taken up the courage to take on this type of investigation.

Alistair regularly presents workshops to diverse groups from police, to teachers, CRA auditors, to unions or therapists for professional development.

Alistair also provides counselling for parents with an extensive focus on Dads. He has developed and facilitated parenting groups for Dads and co-facilitated Parenting Together groups for couples. During one of his many interviews on CKNW, Alistair spoke about the importance of being aware of the memories parents create with their children.

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