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Individual Or Group Sessions?

Often people ask us whether we think that individual or group anger management sessions would be more beneficial. Both routes can work well, and some attend both.

With individual sessions, we can focus more specifically on whatever brings you here. We (one of our six counsellors) would get more background from you, so we can look at things with that perspective in mind. We can usually (but not always) do more in-depth work.

With group sessions, you get to hear from others who often are in a situation quite similar to yours. Often, after the first session of the group, someone will say, “I am glad to hear from all of you. I am not alone in this anymore.” Sometimes it is just about the timing of the group. We see individual clients seven days a week.

Some people choose to attend individual sessions first and then do the group or vice versa. If a group does not start soon enough in your area, Vancouver or Surrey, some people will come in and do one individual session so that they can get started, and then join the group. We are here to facilitate you becoming more in charge, more intentional with your responses in every area of your life whichever route you take.

The other factor that makes a difference for some, is that the fee for an individual program is more than the group. Group sessions cost $560 (tax and book included). The individual program, which is composed of four 1.5 hour sessions, costs $250 per session plus $20 for the book totaling $1020 (tax included), or more, depending on which of us you see. We also do ongoing sessions with individuals who request this at $190/hr, $210, or $225/hr, depending on the counsellor.


Our work is beneficial for both men and women. The field of anger management has focused more extensively on dealing with the male perspective, and one of our main contributions in this field is distinguishing the different needs when dealing with anger from a feminine perspective. The challenges that women face in relation to anger are different than the ones men face, and correspondingly, need to be addressed in a different way. Having experience with both perspectives, we can help both men and women understand each other better in their respective challenges, appreciate their respective resources, and find a balance in how they relate to and communicate their emotions.

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