Moose Anger Management was established in 1995 by Alistair Moes, Founder of Moose Anger Management. He has worked with thousands of men and women over the last 27+ years. The objective was to provide counselling that focused on constructive approaches to expressing healthy anger by addressing both current circumstances, such as anxiety, and looking at how history is attached to current behaviour. In 2008, Alistair started co-facilitating Healing Anger groups for women. The co-owner of Moose Anger Management and Healing Anger, Alejandra Proaño, MA (Psy), MA (Lit), M.Sc, ACC, RCC, now oversees Healing Anger. She and Alistair have rewritten the books used in the courses which now have an edition that specifically addresses issues that are relevant to women’s anger.

Moose Anger Management | Alistair Moes

Alistair Moes, BA

Alistair, the founder of Moose Anger Management, has been working professionally as a counsellor/educator since 1989 and as an anger management specialist in private practice since 1995. During this time Alistair has developed a manner of working with men and women which is respectful, solution-focussed and based on both academic theory and extensive experience. This experience includes working with trauma, and historic abuse in a manner that honours each person and allows for deep healing, and looking at the practical “anger management” work that some prefer. During the last twenty years he has worked with thousands of people who have made the phone call out of a desire to create change. Although he has facilitated court-ordered men, he now works exclusively with self-referred clients, which includes those sent from the workplace, or strongly encouraged by a partner, or even unfortunately sometimes, a lawyer. Read more »

Moose Anger Management | Alejandra Proaño, MSc, MA (Psy), MA (Lit), PCC, RCC

Alejandra Proaño, MA (Psy), MA (Lit), M.Sc, RCC

Alejandra has worked on issues around anger and violence with women, men, families and organizations in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and in her home country of Ecuador. She facilitates groups and sees individuals, couples and families. With more than 19 years of experience in the field, she is also a published author, international consultant, speaker, and professional coach. She facilitates the women’s groups, which start approximately every 7 weeks, and co-facilitates some of the men’s groups with Moose Anger Management. Alejandra has a BA in psychology, a Specialization in Systemic Therapies, and a Master of Psychology degree. She also has a Master of Science degree (Technology Management) and a Master in Arts (Literature). Read more »

Moose Anger Management | Steve Henne, PhD, RCC, CGP

Steve Henne, PhD, RCC, CGP

Dr. Steve is a clinical leader with a strong focus on matching his actions to his values and beliefs. With over 27 years clinical experience, Steve has worked successfully with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations. He uses a constructive and collaborative approach in his work with people tinged by humour and thoughtfulness. Steve believes that life is always presenting problems and challenges and works with you to find meaningful and realistic solutions. An international expert in counselling and psychotherapy, he has presented on topics related to anger management, addictions & substance use issues, mental health, groups and family dynamics. Read more »

Durwin Foster, MA, CCC, RCC - Moose Anger Management

Durwin Foster, MA, RCC, CCC

As a certified counsellor, Durwin has learned the science of effective therapy through rigorous academic training. He completed a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia and is certified at the national level through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), and within British Columbia through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Durwin also completed all required doctoral-level coursework and training in supervision, while performing research on the benefits of mindfulness training. He is a recipient the Mind and Life Institute’s Varela Memorial Award. He has been in private practice for 9 years. Read more »

Moose Anger Management Counsellor Vancouver

Brinita Dutt, MA, CCC, RCC

Brinita runs the Healing Anger groups with Alejandra. She is only seeing individual clients who come through our groups.

Brinita works from a trauma-informed counselling approach around collaborative learning, meaning-making, connection, and discovery. Her strength-based and client-centred approach results from 13 years of experience in the social services field. She has years of experience connecting with clients from various demographic, gender, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. Read more »


Trevor Bird, MTC, IFSC.

Trevor actively uses a parts-based therapeutic modality called Internal Family Systems or IFS, which is an evidence-based therapy that has efficacy in addressing and treating issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Read more »

Tara Baty-Thomas, MA, RCC, RCSW - Moose Anger Management & Healing Anger - Vancouver Counsellor

Tara Baty-Thomas, MA, RCC, RCSW

Tara is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker since 2005. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She has additional training in Anger Management, Motivational Interviewing and Couples Counselling. Her post graduate training has been completed through the Gottman Institute and includes Clinical Foundations Levels 1 and 2 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Couples and Addiction Recovery along with the Gottman’s Trauma and Affair Recovery program. Tara has been working with seniors in care since 1989 and has extensive experience helping families navigate BC’s complex long term care system. Read more »

Jeff Markusoff -counsellor-anger-management

Jeff Markusoff, MEd, RCC.

Jeff is an experienced clinical counsellor who holds a Master’s (M.Ed.) degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#13297) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Throughout his career, he has worked with a broad client base, consisting of adults, couples, and adolescents, both individually and as a family. He utilizes evidence-based practices to help…Read more »


Furkhan Dandia, CCC, MACP, P.ENG, PMP, MBA

Furkhan has a background in engineering and business. After life-changing situations, such as becoming a father and going through a divorce, Furkhan started to dive deep into his purpose in life and make a difference in people’s lives. Going through a divorce made Furkhan realize how much shame there is for men around failure. That further motivated Furkhan to…Read more »

Camilo Heredia, MBA - Moose Anger Management

Camilo Heredia, MBA

Camilo Heredia, MBA, is a Life, Team, and Leadership coach, Purpose mentor, and Meditation instructor. He facilitates inner integration and personal growth. Camilo recently spent three years studying daily Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology with Tibetan monks…Read more »

Martha Isabel Morales, MACP(N/D), MA (DBT), RPC, EMDR, RCC =- Moose Anger Management

Martha Isabel Morales, MACP(N/D), MA (DBT), RPC, EMDR, RCC

Martha Isabel Morales is a seasoned psychotherapist and counsellor, bringing over three decades of comprehensive experience to her practice. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum of therapeutic methodologies, including EMDR, CBT, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Brainspotting, EFT, specialized training in couples therapy, and the neuroscience of trauma and anxiety. Martha’s approach is holistic, deeply informed by her certification as an EMDR-CT is enriched by her studies in Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory. Read more »


Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger

This book leads you through the topics that are typically covered in our group and individual anger management programs. A solid foundation of understanding around anger and the emotions is built followed by a wide selection of “tools”. These tools have been tried and proven effective by the participants who have attended Moose Anger Management programs.


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