Moose Anger Management

Many people think that anger management is about avoiding conflict or being passive. This is not accurate. Our work is about meeting the difficulties and challenges that life presents and emerging from conflict feeling proud of our response, not ashamed of what we did or resentful of what we permitted.

What participants gain from attending our groups or individual counselling includes:

  • Less reactive
  • More intentional
  • Increased emotional competence 
  • More emotional intelligence
  • Gain self control when triggered
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • More self awareness
  • An ability to deepen and nurture relationships
  • An ability to pause and connect with your core values before responding
  • Increased maturity

One important strategy to deal with anger is to pause and think before acting. This can help us understand why we feel the way we do and see the situation from a broader perspective. Unfortunately some people become stuck in their reactiveness, they  become defensive and then continue to struggle to control their anger, but others are willing to learn more about their anger and find ways to manage it better. If you’re someone who wants to make a change and get help, Moose Anger Management can support you. Call us at 604-723-5134, or email us at to learn more.

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Individual & Group Counselling

We provide an open and non-judgemental setting for individuals to learn about themselves and their anger, either together with others

  • This has benefited me so much because I have learned to listen to my partner. I used to think that this cycle of anger would never end. The abused becomes the abuser... but I am ready to end it and become a better father and a better husband.

  • Taking Alistair's course has allowed me to resurrect my marriage. The key thing is that he will not eliminate your anger, but teach you how to manage it and how to handle stressful situations with your partner. I am now feeling more comfortable on the probability of saving my marriage.

  • It has helped me in every situation that has occurred since we had class, I recognize the steps and I resolve my situations intelligently.

  • I understand now that nothing comes from staying in the situation and being angry. I recognize the steps towards anger and I use precautions, it has lowered my stress as it's much easier to become happy again.

  • I have endured some pretty crazy situations and I have chosen my happiness when I could've lowered myself and chosen the path of sadness and destruction.

  • Thank you, you have given me tools to add to my belt and take control of my life.

  • I understand my anger way better than before and therefore have a much better idea of what is underneath it and how to manage it.

  • I felt very comfortable in the office, very relaxed, and always able to express my honesty without fear or shame. Alistair is very easy to talk to, and I felt a rapport with him right way.

  • The most important thing that I've learned is awareness. The ability to control my emotions, and the environment around them, simply by being aware. Coming to these sessions has increased my ability to focus on the bigger picture, and what is truly important in life.

  • I got a shitload of new tools and ideas. Plus, I got to meet some really great people.


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