Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger


With the words of over a thousand people inside – $32.25 plus shipping gets you the wisdom garnered through a dozen years of working collaboratively with people interested in changing what happens when anger arises.

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Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger, written by Alistair Moes and Alejandra Proaño, leads you through the topics that are typically covered in group and individual anger management programs. A solid foundation of understanding around anger and the emotions is built followed by a number of “tools” that people can work with in life. These tools have been tried and proven effective by the participants who have attended Moose Anger Management programs.

After reading the book people experience a deeper understanding of their own anger and gain insight into what is behind this powerful emotion. When this insight is connected to a variety of tools, change happens. Like all things in life, the more effort you put in, the more you get out.

Professionals have found this book to be a valuable resource when working with the issue of anger. The exercises are explained in detail including the reasoning behind them. The theory is explored in a manner that brings it to real-world usefulness.

The words of a thousand men and women are reflected in this testament to change. Alistair has spent over a dozen years speaking with groups and individuals about anger and how to work with it in a constructive manner. He has documented their thoughts and ideas and aspirations on many topics related to anger management.

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