Lose Your Temper: A Conscious Exploration of Anger with Alistair Moes

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Conscious Living Radio
CFRO – 100.5 FM

Join Tasha Simms as she takes a conscious exploration of the topic of anger with Alistair Moes, the founder of Moose Anger Management.

Anger isn’t a good or bad thing, but as with any emotion, we can do something good or bad with it. In this Conscious Living Radio episode, we will discuss the many things that exist behind people’s anger, such as pain, fear, shame, loss, sadness, and anxiety. We will also cover a number of tools that people can use with their intense emotional experiences so that they become more intentional rather than reactive. Despite the negative experiences that many people have with anger, we believe that anger can also be constructive and lead to insight.

Watch the video below:

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