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“Every time there is an emotional pain, there is a physical component to it” – Alistair Moes – Episode 45
Dhaani Podcast
By Saadia Tariq

Released January 28, 2020

Saadia Tariq is a practicing yoga teacher based in London, UK and invited Alistair to be a guest on her podcast , ‘dhaani’.

Dhaani was launched to embark on a journey of well-being, broadly encompassing personal growth and journeys, learning and struggles, knowledge seeking, emotional and physical health, healthy and clean eating, spiritual awakening and awareness, and so much more. Bridging physical, emotional and spiritual gaps…

In a nutshell this platform shares inspiring and real stories from people with knowledge, experience, intuitivity and compassion who have made, or are making an impact on the social fabric.

So far ‘dhaani’ has managed to offer golden nuggets of advice and opinion and suggestion from medical practitioners, poets, mindful experts, therapists, artistes, culinary experts and corporate world influencers and humanists from all over the world.

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