• Here is an outline of expectations for attending our online and phone sessions. When you submit this document, it will represent an agreement between us. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    1. I will ensure that no one is within hearing or visual range of me or my electronic device during the session. This is especially true for family members or friends.
    2. It is important to have a secure internet connection rather than public or free Wi-Fi, which will not provide confidentiality.
    3. We will ensure that we use encrypted platforms, however, even though it is very unlikely, there is a limited risk that unauthorized people could access our private conversation.
    4. It is critical that the emergency contact person information is completed, in the event of a crisis situation. Please complete this in our Confidentiality Policy.
    5. Recording of sessions is not permitted without the express permission of everybody involved. Group sessions may be recorded for supervision purposes only.
    6. If the internet connection drops, the counsellor will contact you via text/phone or email to discuss how to complete the session.
    7. If the internet fails and you are in an emergency call 911 or a crisis centre or go to the closest emergency services. Call back the counsellor after calling emergency services.

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