• Telehealth Informed Consent

  • Confidentiality Policy

  • All conversations are private unless:

    • On-going child abuse is discussed
    • A threat to a person’s life is clearly implied (your own life or another’s)
    • An indictable offense (armed robbery for instance) that was completed recently or planned is discussed
    • I am subpoenaed by the courts

    Outside of these four points all conversations will stay private.

    If a person’s employer is paying for these sessions, the employer will be notified of a no show, or if the person does not engage in the program.

  • No Show/Cancellation Policy

  • If you know that you will miss a session prior to the start of the group, we can organize that you attend that session in another group at no cost. You can also complete the missed session with one of our counsellors individually for an extra fee. If you don’t let us know that you will miss a session, there is a $75 drop-in fee. As a graduate, after taking the six - week program you can also attend any one session for $75 for a tune-up.

  • Address from where you will be attending the meetings
  • Emergency Contact


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