Whether it is for professional development or for a conference, people love the full and half day workshops on anger management, conflict resolution strategies, and/or emotional intelligence we offer.

Our workshops are available for:

  • Professionals such as executives, managers, team leaders, creative workers (film industry, media, journalists, etc.) and other white collar workers; or
  • Mental Health Professionals such as therapists, counsellors, social workers, or
  • Workers in fields such as construction, trucking, labouring, and other skills areas where people might find themselves under stress.

Would you like your team to gain a deeper understanding about working with powerful emotions in a manner that is team building? People that attend these workshops gain a deeper understanding of their own response to powerful emotions along with greater potential for empathy and compassion for others. This creates a much more powerful team. This is not about power over others, it is simply a team that is more powerful within itself. Individuals and teams therefore step into deeper emotional maturity in the response, rather than knee-jerk reactive.

We have facilitated many workshops for organizations, non-profit agencies, therapists/counsellors, as well as large and small corporations. These workshops are available at your office or workplace, or at one of our sites. Give us some dates and we will take care of all the details.

Conscious Conflict Resolution

Conscious Conflict Resolution is for any group of professionals that experience conflict in the workplace. We offer a six-week course that involves two-hour sessions once per week. What sets our workshop apart from other conflict resolution courses is that we lead people through a program that allows them to deepen their emotional maturity. This includes looking at the emotions from a physiological perspective in a manner that allows each person to become more aware, and therefore more intentional in their role in conflict resolution management. Each person will develop a specific goal so that they gain experience building on both their historic awareness, and with the new awareness brought about through the course.

Often when things go sideways, and conflict is not dealt with well, certain habits appear. We will look at the different responses people employ when they deal with conflict in a manner that does not serve them or others, and just as importantly, explore what conscious conflict resolution looks like. When people step into and are connected with their full maturity, and access the wisdom within, creative, constructive responses to conflict arise.


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