Many people think that our work is about avoiding conflict or being passive. This is not accurate. Our work is about meeting the difficulties and challenges that life presents and emerging from conflict feeling proud of our  response, not ashamed of what we did or resentful of what we permitted.

This takes courage and effort.

At Moose Anger Management, founded by Alistair Moes (pronounced ‘moose’), anger is not seen as inherently bad. It is far more complex than most people imagine and, in fact, can often lead toward constructive behaviour. We utilize a variety of strategies for working effectively with anger when it arises so it is expressed in ways that are helpful.

One of the most important strategies participants develop is to stop and think before acting. This ‘pause’ between what triggers anger and the following choice of action leaves a person feeling in control of themselves. It can be a daunting challenge to change your anger response by lengthening the time between the trigger and your response, but it can be done.

Although many people think that “anger can’t be controlled” and that “people don’t change”, we have seen the opposite. People who attend our programs with determination and an open mind have re-kindled their relationships and/or moved on in life feeling positive about their behaviour. People can and do change when provided with the right circumstances to learn about anger management.

We provide an open and non-judgemental setting for individuals to learn about themselves and their anger, either together with others, reaping the benefits of the wealth of experiences brought together in our groups, or on their own, going deeper into their individual concerns in one-on-one sessions.

Sadly, many people will remain trapped by their anger, continuing to end conflict by becoming loud and aggressive, manipulative or violent, or throwing their hands up and leaving. Others, when they feel ready, will look for a way out of this trap by learning more about their anger. It is for these individuals that Moose Anger Management exists. If you find that your anger is costing you in your life we invite you to learn more about us by exploring our website and learning about how you can take action towards achieving change.

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