Our online course is offered through video conferencing. You will be able to join an online group of men that are dedicated to making a positive change in their lives.

The online course covers the same material and requires the same commitment from all participants as the regular groups. In addition, you need to have a computer with a webcam in a place that will allow you the privacy you will need, and reliable internet connection.

Why offer an online course?

The sessions are the same format and length as the regular groups. The advantage of the online course is that some men may have difficulty attending due to the distance and travel time required on top of the time required for the sessions.

Each participant will still be required to contribute to discussions and to do the required readings, exercises and homework. Similar to the regular groups, missed sessions can be made up with individual counselling to catch up, for an additional cost.

How does it work?

  1. When you sign up you will be added the course wait list .
  2. Once the course is filled and all the participants are confirmed. We will mail you your own copy of the course textbook, Lose your temper: a Conscious Exploration of Anger by Alistair Moes. You will need the book throughout the course
  3. Before the first session, you will be emailed all the information you need to connect, including a link to download the software you need to connect and a password to join the session.
  4. There will be a technical meeting prior to the course start date to test your setup to make sure that you can reliably connect to the group session. Once your equipment has been tested and found to be adequate we will assume that you are technically able to attend the scheduled sessions.
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