Often people ask us whether we think that individual or group sessions would be more beneficial. Both routes can work well, and some attend both. With individual sessions, we can focus more specifically on whatever brings you here. I will get more background from you, so we can look at things with that perspective in mind. We can usually, but not always do more depth work. With group work, you get to hear from others that often are in a situation quite similar to yours. Often after the first session of the group, someone will say “I am glad to hear from all of you. I am not alone in this anymore” For some, the fact that the group occurs on Wednesday evening works well for their schedule. For others, that time frame just does not work, so individual makes more sense. With the group there are often two co-facilitators. You get two perspectives there as well.

Some people choose to attend individual sessions first and then do the group, or vice versa. If a group does not start for five or six weeks, some people will come in and do one individual session so that they can get started on this, and then join the group. We are here to facilitate you becoming more in charge, more intentional with your responses in every area of your life whichever route you take.

The other factor that makes a difference for some, is that the fee for an individual program is more than the group. The group is $400 (plus GST of $20), and the individual program, which is composed of four 1.5 hour sessions at $195/session plus $20 for the book totals $800 (tax included).

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