Need to talk together to figure things out?

Whether you are part of a family, a business, an arts organization, or any other type of community group, and you want to find better ways to live and work together, feel free to call us, and we can find ways to assist you.

Alejandra and Alistair see individuals, families and other human systems as residing in complex webs of relationship. We help people find hope and possibilities, even in the midst of difficult times, so they can continue their journey together.

Whether people are suffering from addictions, mental illness, life and community transitions, or other life challenges, our work is to revisit the situation with new and creative perspectives, in ways that honour all who are part of the conversation.

Upon our first consultation meeting (and ongoing, throughout the process) we explore and negotiate with our clients how our work together might provide the best results for the future. Our commitment is to reach out to our clients’ strengths and webs of relationship, and from there, to find ways to move into the possibilities of life.

Are you too busy to come to our Vancouver office?  Invite us to your family or community meeting. We have met with people in homes, offices, artist-studios, restaurants, coffee shops, and other comfortable and confidential settings.  We will go wherever you feel most comfortable.

How to Contact Us

If you want more information, or would like to book an appointment, please contact either Alejandra or Alistair, either by email or phone.

Alejandra: Tel: 778.322.3329

Alistair: Tel: 604.723.5134

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